Miller Relief Step
Miller Relief Step

Miller Relief Step

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The Miller Relief Step Safety Device alleviates the effects of suspension trauma

Functional Design
When used: the Relief Step™ Safety Device provides support and enhances blood circulation until rescue – permitting the ability to move and flex leg muscles.

Small and Lightweight
The Relief Step™ Safety Device attaches to any brand full-body harness.

Features & Benefits:
  • OSHA states that potentially fatal suspension trauma can occur within minutes while waiting for rescue after a fall
  • Average fall rescue time is 15 minutes
  • Utilizing two (2) Relief Steps (one for each leg/foot) assures greater comfort until rescue is completed
Easy to Deploy and Use
  • Pull tab to deploy
  • Insert foot into loop step and adjust
  • Ability to stand allowing improved circulation
  • Two Relief Steps provide added support: balance and comfort